Haier H12 suction, sweeping, washing, mopping, and sweeping robot


Haier H12 self-cleaning sweeping robot automatic dust collection, suction, sweeping, washing and mopping integrated machine sweeping and mopping robot


The Haier H12 self-cleaning sweeping robot is an efficient suction, sweeping, washing, and mopping integrated machine that can automatically collect dust. It adopts the latest artificial intelligence technology, which can automatically adjust the cleaning mode according to the environment, not only cleaning dust, but also taking into account the details of mopping the floor. Dust collection bags can hold a large amount of dust without the need for frequent cleaning of dust boxes. The H12 sweeping robot is also equipped with powerful suction and mopping functions, which can easily cope with various ground environments. In addition, it also has an automatic recharge function. When the battery is low, the robot will automatically return to the charging dock to charge without manual intervention. The Haier H12 sweeping robot provides convenience for home cleaning with its intelligent design and user-friendly functions.

Additional information







maximum height


Battery life

3 hours

maximum noise


Dust box capacity


battery capacity


warranty period

24 months


100-240V universal

Battery Type

lithium battery

Do you have a remote control


Mopping method

Pressure mopping

Charging mode

Automatic recharge

Navigation type

laser navigation

Cleaning mode

Rolling brush type

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Crash protection

Electronic buffer

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Is there a virtual wall available



Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Sweeper type

Sweeping and mopping self-cleaning

Obstacle avoidance methods

3DTOF obstacle avoidance


Qingdao Tapol Robotics Technology Co., Ltd

Capacity of the water tank for the fuselage

Above 200ml

Is there a scheduled appointment function available


Electrical base station functions

Automatic cleaning cloth, automatic dust collection, charging, cleaning cloth dust collection in one, automatic water supply and drainage

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and eight million five hundred and seventy-five thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven

Additional features

APP control, area cleaning, carpet recognition, fixed-point cleaning, extended edge cleaning, power off continuous cleaning, LCD display, dust recognition, automatic cleaning, remote control, appointment, drying, floor mopping, disinfection, anti hair entanglement, sterilization, carpet cleaning plan

sort by color

H12 sweeping machine (base station water tank version), M12 (accompanying electric control water tank+optical structure) base station water tank version

13 reviews for Haier H12 suction, sweeping, washing, mopping, and sweeping robot

  1. Anonymous

    I really like it, positive review.

  2. Anonymous

    I gave it a little try, but I still need to study it slowly!

  3. Anonymous

    Very good seller, great value for money, with a five-star rating!

  4. Anonymous

    The drag was quite clean, and the customer service was very responsible

  5. Anonymous

    The battery life is very good, the sound is low, and the scanning is very clean.

  6. Anonymous

    The sweeping effect is very good, the size is appropriate, and I am very satisfied

  7. Anonymous

    Very useful and easy to operate, the floor is also very clean, very satisfied, worth recommending.

  8. Anonymous

    Fast delivery and receipt of goods have been used. The price is much cheaper and more cost-effective. Friends in need should hurry up

  9. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the packaging is good, the quality is also good, and it is very useful. The cleaning is also very clean, which is worth recommending.

  10. Anonymous

    Very good, with a flat design, you can enter under the bed and sofa. It can also remotely monitor the on-site situation. Install the automatic sewage module as soon as possible.

  11. Anonymous

    After working for less than two hours, the battery ran out and the machine stopped winding and had to manually clean the winding problem. Operation sound: The sound is loud. Line planning: Accuracy and intelligence level: It can

  12. Anonymous

    The sweeper has arrived, and it has been tested quite well. It sweeps very clean, and all the small debris on the floor is clean. The elderly really like it, which reduces the burden of household chores and reduces the pressure on the waist.

  13. Anonymous

    After receiving the goods, immediately follow the instructions. However, due to different network requirements, some issues were scrapped. The after-sales service was very patient and helped to solve the problem, resulting in satisfactory results.

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