Midea air conditioning fan refrigeration household air cooler with strong wind power


Midea air conditioning fan, refrigeration household air conditioner, mobile ice water cooling fan, bedroom small sound static vertical small air conditioner


Midea air conditioning fan is a compact and practical household air cooler.It integrates the functions of a mobile ice-water cooling fan and a vertical small air conditioner, making it ideal for bedrooms.This air conditioning fan uses advanced refrigeration technology to quickly cool indoor air, bringing refreshing and pleasant comfort.Silent design, it will not disturb your rest even when running.In addition, it is small, lightweight, easy to move, and suitable for various home environments.Whether it’s a hot summer or a season when you need to cool down, Midea air conditioning fans can provide you with comfortable and cool enjoyment.

Additional information




3rd gear





Power mode


Intelligent type


warranty period

1 year

working principle


Refrigeration method

Water cooling

control method

Intelligent App Control

Does it support sleep mode

not support

Midea air conditioning fan model


Air conditioning fan type

Single cold type

Air conditioning fan timing function

2-7.5 hours

Water tank capacity

3L (inclusive) -5L (inclusive)

Air supply type

Natural Wind Sleep Wind Standard Wind Baby Wind

Does it support water shortage and power outage protection


Additional features

Air purification and dust removal can rotate


Guangdong Midea Environmental Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and two million four hundred and forty-three thousand nine hundred and forty-six

sort by color

Intelligent black remote control/APP control/voice control/touch control, Black antibacterial style, White remote-controlled 10L large water tank

19 reviews for Midea air conditioning fan refrigeration household air cooler with strong wind power

  1. Anonymous

    very useful

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    The appearance and material are good, the sound is light and energy-saving, and the cooling effect is excellent

  4. Anonymous

    The price is much more affordable than physical stores. Customer service is very patient and meticulous in explaining the usage details. Thank you!

  5. Anonymous

    The fans at home are all beautiful, and this time, taking advantage of the strong discount on Double Eleven, we bought another one to put in the hall. The product packaging is very awesome

  6. Anonymous

    Summer is quite stuffy and hot. It only takes several hours to use. Paired with air conditioning is really cool. The logistics are really fast. When the order was placed, it was received the next day

  7. Anonymous

    It matches well with the furniture style, with sufficient air volume and comfortable use. The top buttons are also very convenient, eliminating the need for remote control, making it easy for the elderly to control

  8. Anonymous

    It should be very comfortable to use refrigeration when the weather gets hotter later. I am very satisfied with a shopping experience. Thank you to customer service for answering questions and it was also very friendly. I received positive feedback

  9. Anonymous

    Are you really surprised to receive the goods?, Which position at home looks great?, The wind is also strong?, The wind blowing out is very cool?, Is this price really worth it?, Is it also very convenient to move?. Is the cooling effect very good?, Is the appearance also very durable?

  10. Anonymous

    The exterior design is good. It looks tall and classy. It is indeed a beautiful brand. The air-conditioning fan has a very good cooling effect and is also energy-saving. It feels very textured and cool. It's pretty big when you blow it. It's also very soft and comfortable. Overall it's good.

  11. Anonymous

    The quality of the air conditioning fan is very good. The black color is very tall. It is small and does not take up any space. It is very light and can be moved at will. The workmanship is super good. I like it very much. The style is very good-looking and the price is special. Affordable, very satisfied, is it genuine?

  12. Anonymous

    The overall design is excellent??, Beautiful and elegant appearance??, Strong wind and low noise??, After watching several models, I finally chose this one??, It also has many functions??, Touch control is simple and easy to operate??, Can the air outlet effect be adjusted freely??, Very sturdy and not loose??, Very useful??.

  13. Anonymous

    Overall design?? Great, how many have you visited?? Finally, select this one, what is its function?? Many, beautiful appearance?? Generous, with strong winds?? Low noise, the most important thing?? Is it the cooling effect that I am very satisfied with? What is the most beautiful thing?? Will the brand not disappoint people??,

  14. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to buy it back?? Is it easy to install now??, Easy to understand??, The quality is particularly good, very useful, and the wind is strong??, bang聽for聽your聽buck good-looking High quality??, You get what you pay for, what’s the material and appearance?? The quality is very upscale at first glance??, I really like it??

  15. Anonymous

    What is the quality of genuine big brand products??, Highly recommended??, Is the cooling effect okay??, Is the sound acceptable??, Remote control is very convenient??, I really like it??, It’s very convenient to control without bending down??, Customer service patiently answers questions??, Is the power okay??, Recommendation??.

  16. Anonymous

    This is really great, the wind is strong, it feels cool when blowing, and the design is very safe, I really like the simple style, the real thing is consistent with the picture, the effect is also very good, it can be blown very far The wind, coupled with ice crystals, makes it cooler? It also has a humidifying effect? ??It’s very good?

  17. Anonymous

    Just assemble it according to the instructions??, various functions are on the touch panel, which is clear at a glance. In addition to the remote control, the control method also supports intelligent control??, don't be grateful?? This air conditioner fan The comfortable experience and simple and convenient operation make me put it down.

  18. Anonymous

    I have arranged the Midea cooling fan in advance??, turning on the air conditioner wastes electricity and is not good for the body??, this is really convenient??, the operation is very simple??, the black one is also more resistant to dirt??, it is too good to keep it at home It’s practical??, looks great??, and doesn’t take up much space??

  19. Anonymous

    Received the goods??? Surprisingly, the logistics have arrived??? Soon, customer service??? Patiently answering questions, thank you??? The rate is acceptable, the sound is acceptable, and the wind is quite strong when turned on, which is more??? Cool, it looks quite cool too??? Advanced, remote control is very convenient??? Convenient, really enjoyable??? Huan

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