Pedalless children’s balance bike for boys and girls 1-3 years old


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Balance bike is suitable for infants aged 1-3 years old and is a good helper for learning to walk.Children’s four-wheel gliding scooter without pedals is flexible and lightweight, allowing babies to glide easily.Easy to operate and easy to carry, the balance car provides good companionship for children’s growth.If your baby falls in love with sliding, start with a balance bike!

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Asia Pacific

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plastic toys

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12 months

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eighty-nine thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine

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No.3 khaki brown silent wheel with music and lighting, battery included, 3rd British Green Silent Wheel with Music Light and Battery Delivery, No.3 Fritillaria Purple Silent Wheel with Music Light and Battery Delivery, No.3 Qirui Powder Silent Wheel with Music Light and Battery, No.2 khaki brown regular wheels with music lights and batteries, 2nd British Green Regular Wheel with Music Light and Battery Delivery, No. 2 Beimu Purple Ordinary Wheel with Music Light and Battery Delivery, No. 2 Qirui Powder Regular Wheel Plus Music Light Comes with Battery, No.1 khaki brown ordinary wheel without music lighting, No.1 British Green Regular Wheel without Music Lights, No.1 Beimu Purple Ordinary Wheel without Music Light, No.1 Qirui Fan ordinary wheel without music or lighting

20 reviews for Pedalless children’s balance bike for boys and girls 1-3 years old

  1. Anonymous

    The texture is good, and there is music. The wheels are very smooth. My baby likes them very much. It is very convenient to take out, light and fun.

  2. Anonymous

    The actual product is the same as the photo, suitable for babies around 1-3 years old. It is easy to get started with, and the quality is very good. Adults can sit there, and playing music is the brightest one.

  3. Anonymous

    The quality of the balancing car is good, the styles and colors are very nice, and it also comes with light and music. Overall it is good. I love it. It is totally worth the price. It is worth recommending~??????

  4. Anonymous

    The packaging is very attentive. After watching the installation video, it was ready in a few minutes. The car has good looks, good stability, and high safety factor. The 2-year-old baby can play very smoothly, and the music will not stop. .

  5. Anonymous

    The car is very cute, lightweight, and easy to carry downstairs. It looks quite high-end on the outside, and the wheels are silent and anti rollover, making it safer for babies to use. There are also lights and music, which adds a lot of fun.

  6. Anonymous

    After comparing many products, I finally chose this one. I was not disappointed at all. The car is quite sturdy and easy to install. My children like it very much. I can give it away without sacrificing quality. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  7. Anonymous

    Good looking small car, lights, and music. Baby really likes it. My baby is one year and nine months old, and I got it. Baby really likes the pink, tender and tender color. Baby also likes the material, which is safe. Baby can play with peace of mind

  8. Anonymous

    The balance car is too cute. It is very easy to play for 18 months old. The music is very loud and has flashing lights. It can be said to be a very good-looking car. The details for children to play are also well done. I recommend everyone to buy it. ha??

  9. Anonymous

    The one-year-old baby really likes it. It can get up and down by itself. The music is very good. I especially like the music. The material is also very good. Adults can sit on it. It’s good. The baby especially likes it. The customer service is also very good.

  10. Anonymous

    The baby is very happy riding, with lights and music functions. The balance bike is lightweight, the front of the bike is easy to rotate, and the wheels slide smoothly. This price is really cost-effective. Playing at one year old can make it worth playing at three years old

  11. Anonymous

    My baby is 1 and a half years old. When I went out to play, I saw other babies riding bicycles and liked it very much. I chose this balance bike and it fits my child perfectly. The material is thick and odorless, the color combination is beautiful, and the installation is also simple.

  12. Anonymous

    I received the balance car. The quality is very good and the appearance is very good. My baby likes it. He took it downstairs to play with as soon as I received it! The wheels are very strong and the four-wheeled one is not easy to fall. It also has music, which is very attractive to children. Note~

  13. Anonymous

    The balance car is very fun. The child likes it very much. The workmanship details are also great. There is also music to listen to. The child likes it. It is just right for the child who is over two years old to sit on it. The material is also good, durable and very A satisfying shopping experience????

  14. Anonymous

    The car I bought for my baby?? The color is really nice when I received it, and it was easy to install. I immediately took it downstairs and took it for a ride?? The riding height is just right, and the direction of rotation is flexible. After running for an hour, it was stable and quite good. Not bad???

  15. Anonymous

    The quality of the scooter is super good. It is very textured and has a lot of weight. The material is matte and will not slip when babies hold it. It has lights and music and is very photogenic. It looks great in any photo. Compared to other scooters, this one is slightly smaller. It’s a bit too high for my son to reach??

  16. Anonymous

    Received without damage~Easy to install, even novices can install it by themselves.The height is suitable for the baby. The front of the car can be turned. It also has horn songs and lights. The baby likes it very much. After installing it, he can’t wait to ride. It’s not very heavy and the baby can lift it by himself. I like it very much.

  17. Anonymous

    I received the stroller for my daughter. The quality and workmanship are excellent. It also has enlarged silent wheels. It is very smooth when driving. There is no need to worry about the baby rolling over. It also has light and music on it, which can also exercise the baby’s brain. Balance ability, my daughter also likes it very much?? It’s really good??

  18. Anonymous

    Baby is one and a half years old and loves playing with this car?? The wheels ride very smoothly and are relatively stable overall, not easy to roll over. Is the music loud and all the music that children like?? Especially when there are lights when going out at night, which attracts many children to watch, is it more suitable to go to the square to play in the summer??

  19. Anonymous

    The color of the actual product I received is beautiful, the appearance is very high, the quality is really excellent, the body is very stable, no need to worry about the baby rolling over, my son is over one year old, he can play by himself, it is very light to go out to play, with lights and music, I have a lot of fun listening to music while playing, haha, it’s worth buying~

  20. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 1 and a half years old can be used. It is very smooth, not the kind that gets stuck and is difficult to turn??, the faucet is relatively stable, and the handle is comfortable to touch. It is suitable for my sister to sit on it at her current height, and she can play with it even if she is older.The installation is simple, the sound is loud, and the entire color scheme is simple and elegant.

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