children’s balance bike walker unisex


Children’s balance car 1 to 3 years old baby walker infant and toddler without pedals sliding child four-wheel sliding car




1. Make sure the road is flat and avoid falling

2. Parents should supervise to ensure safety

3. Gradually increase the baby’s sliding time, and you can try different sliding methods after getting used to it

This children’s balance car is the perfect choice for babies A good partner for learning new skills and exploring the world, allowing your baby to grow up healthily in happiness!



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Asia Pacific

Toy type

plastic toys

Frame material


Applicable gender



six hundred and nineteen

Applicable age

12 months, 2 years old, 3 years old

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20 reviews for children’s balance bike walker unisex

  1. Anonymous

    good quality

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad, feels a bit small

  3. Anonymous

    Very good, great value for money, suitable for boys too.

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to organize: small and exquisite for convenient storage

  5. Anonymous

    The car has a high appearance and is easy to operate. Babies really like it

  6. Anonymous

    I bought it for a while and I really enjoy playing with it. I also like the colors.

  7. Anonymous

    My son really likes it, but the installation is still very simple. With music and lighting

  8. Anonymous

    This color is super beautiful, and the baby likes it very much. It is suitable for young babies

  9. Anonymous

    The quality of the product is good! I still bought a small one and will buy a larger one next time.

  10. Anonymous

    I sat down as soon as it arrived. The children liked it very much, it was very sturdy, and even adults could sit there

  11. Anonymous

    Good quality and low price, the baby likes it very much, and has a great time when it comes back after express delivery!

  12. Anonymous

    The baby loves it very much and went to the square to play for an afternoon as soon as they arrived. The quality was good and very smooth.

  13. Anonymous

    The car has a high appearance, is very stylish, and is lightweight and flexible, not easy to side. The baby is very happy to ride it, and it is a very worthwhile scooter

  14. Anonymous

    The bike is cute and easy to ride. It’s easy for babies to use and it’s easy to take with you when going out for a walk. The blue color is nice and it has music on it. The price is also good. I recommend it.

  15. Anonymous

    Applicable age: around one and a half years old, easy to organize. Baby features: exactly one and a half years old, just right for use. Material introduction: high cost performance, but with low music volume and less music

  16. Anonymous

    A very good car. My 15-month-old baby likes it very much. It also helps with gross motor development. He can’t play with it at first, but can only carry it and run around. After playing with it for two days, he will be able to play with it.

  17. Anonymous

    The logistics is very fast, the quality and workmanship are good, I like this color scheme so much~ It is simple to install, easy to use, the wheels are smooth, my daughter is already playing very smoothly when she is over two years old, do you like it??

  18. Anonymous

    The small balance car is not bad. My child is one year old and I feel it is more suitable for use between the ages of 1 and 3. The quality is also very good, and the appearance is quite pleasing. It is so cheap and can be designed so beautifully. I am very satisfied with it

  19. Anonymous

    The baby is one year old. He didn’t know how to ride at first, but he learned how to ride it in two days. Now his favorite is this car. My child also likes the music. It’s worth it. I was in a hurry to buy it for my child. I didn’t wait for the event, but it’s still worth it.

  20. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Those who know how to sit should be able to play. Sorting ease: Simple. Baby features: good-looking. Material introduction: The material is generally of average workmanship, and I think there is a color difference. How to say it? At first glance, it is clear that it is not an expensive item, but the price is there. If you ride it casually, you can play it. The price is not high, and the requirements cannot be high

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