Midea 10 kg fully automatic washing machine


[Electric Oven] Midea Washing Machine Fully Automatic 10kg Variable Frequency Drum Household Washing and Drying Integrated Y1YW


Midea washing machine fully automatic 10kg variable frequency drum household washing and drying integrated Y1YW, is a practical household appliance product that integrates washing and drying, bringing convenience to your life. This washing machine has a large capacity of 10 kilograms and can easily handle various clothing washing needs. Frequency conversion technology ensures the smoothness and energy-saving of the laundry process, saving you energy and costs. The drum design makes the washing process softer and protects clothes from damage. In addition, it is also equipped with a drying function, which can quickly dry clothes without worrying about rainy weather or clothes drying when going out. The fully automatic operation mode makes it more convenient to use, whether it is washing or drying, it can be completed with just one click. This fully automatic Y1YW Midea washing machine is the ideal choice for your home life, keeping your clothes clean and tidy, and enjoying a comfortable life.

Additional information





net weight


Display type


Gross Weight


Washing power





Fully automatic



Dehydration power


Washing kilograms


Maximum speed

1400 rpm


Chinese mainland

time to market

May 2021

control method


Dehydrated kilograms


warranty period

36 months

Package Size


Drying kilogram quantity


Drainage method

Upper drainage

Cabinet material

PCM steel plate

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Washing machine brand


product type

drum washing machine

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Inner bucket material

Stainless steel

Motor type

BLDC variable frequency motor

Opening and closing method

front opening

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Hefei Midea Washing Machine Co., Ltd

Laundry program

Large items washed with cotton and linen, dehydrated and mixed washing

Additional features

Memory function for adding clothes and powering off the child lock midway

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and ten billion seven hundred and five million three hundred and three thousand and eighty-six

sort by color

Bach Silver Elution Integrated [High Cost Performance], Bach Silver Belt Drying [2022 Launch]

20 reviews for Midea 10 kg fully automatic washing machine

  1. Anonymous

    I tried it for a few days to comment, it was washed clean and worth buying!

  2. Anonymous

    I bought 3 units and used a large brand in the sample room, which is trustworthy~~

  3. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: It’s really good value for money, and the appearance is also very good.

  4. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Very suitable, just tried it and washed it quickly.Appearance material: I like the look.On-time delivery: The delivery speed is very fast

  5. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Just enough for use. Appearance material: The appearance can also be used for convenient delivery. On time delivery, arrange nearby shipments

  6. Anonymous

    Most of the appliances in the house have always been used beautifully, are trustworthy, and overall feel very good. I recommend them to friends who need them.

  7. Anonymous

    The washing machine does not make a lot of noise when washing clothes, and the clothes are washed very clean. The installer’s service is very good, and he explains patiently, which is very good.

  8. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: After placing the order, the delivery is fast, timely, and delivered to the fourth floor. The installation is timely, the price is reasonable, and the quality is good. I am very satisfied.

  9. Anonymous

    Value for money! Mom really likes it!! Capacity size: It is enough to wash clothes for the whole family. Appearance material: It is very tough, atmospheric and upscale. Delivery on time: It arrived in the morning and was loaded in the afternoon.

  10. Anonymous

    Capacity: large capacity, no problem when washing the bed sheet and quilt cover together Appearance material: very solid and punctual delivery: logistics is very fast, installation master is also very awesome, very satisfied with an online purchase!

  11. Anonymous

    Capacity and size: very large. Appearance and material: very good. Delivery is on time. The items are very useful, with good appearance and practicality. I have washed a lot of clothes and blankets with this, which is great. I recommend friends to buy it next time

  12. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: pretty good. I sent it to the master and contacted the master for installation in time. It was very quiet and good. I bought it for tumble drying. The master said that I couldn’t install it myself. I needed to remove a few screws. There was no charge. It was really a good review.

  13. Anonymous

    The delivery speed is very fast~ Since I can install it myself, I don’t have to wait for the installer to come to install it~ It is very convenient and can be operated with a mobile phone~ Since the previous one was broken, I can use it immediately after installing it and so far I feel pretty good~

  14. Anonymous

    Capacity size: With a large capacity, I tried it on when I came back. I can wash a lot of clothes at once, and there are no problems with the covers! Appearance and Material: The material is quite good, with a grand and upscale appearance. Delivery is on time: delivery is very fast, and installation is also very fast!

  15. Anonymous

    Capacity size: Large capacity, just washed a bucket of clothes, the clothes have a fragrance after washing, fully functional, small footprint, can hold small things on top, appearance material: The color is also very beautiful, more affordable than I imagined. Delivery on time: delivery on time, installation personnel are also very awesome,

  16. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been installed and used, and the effect is very good. The clothes washed out are very clean. There is no noise in the washing process of the washing machine. The after-sales service is also very awesome and patiently taught me how to use it. Some things to pay attention to in the use process. Capacity: 10KG. Appearance. Material: beautiful. On time delivery: very timely and fast

  17. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been installed, and the effect in use is very good. The clothes washed out are very clean, and there is a faint fragrance. There is no noise in the washing process. The big brand is still trustworthy. The after-sales service is also very awesome. The on-site installation master also patiently explained the use method and some precautions. The service attitude is very good, which must be praised??

  18. Anonymous

    Capacity size: 10 kilograms, just right. Appearance material: very high-end. Delivery is on time: logistics delivery, and the master came to install the product with good efficiency. The master also patiently explained the use of the product. The appearance is atmospheric and high-end, and the big brand is good. The laundry effect is very good, with almost no noise. The customer service attitude is also very good, and we will make further purchases in the future.

  19. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been installed, with good appearance and materials, suitable size. The delivery master has a really good service attitude, and the installation master is also very careful and teaches how to use it. After installation, the clothes and window screens are washed immediately, and the washing effect is clean. The sound of washing and dehydration is just right. I trust Midea brand, especially after-sales service, so all the air conditioners, refrigerators, rice cookers, and wall breaking machines at home are Midea products. Big brands can buy with confidence.

  20. Anonymous

    The washing machine has been installed and is in use. The effect is very good. The washed clothes are very clean and even have a little fragrance. There is no noise during the washing process. You still have to trust the big brands, Midea is a good brand. The after-sales service is also very good. A telephone technician came to my door immediately to install it. He also patiently taught me how to use it and some things to pay attention to during use. I must praise this point???????????? Midea is a big brand that you can trust. Those who are still on the fence can buy it now??????

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