Magic Flute Player Commercial Electric Oven Hot Air Stove


Magic Flute Player Private Hot Air Stove Commercial Large Capacity Electric Oven Air Stove K100Pro


The Magic Piper Private Hot Air Oven Commercial Large Capacity Electric Oven K100Pro is an excellent device designed for baking enthusiasts and commercial purposes. This oven uses advanced hot air circulation technology to ensure uniform baking, whether it is bread, cake or meat, you can get a perfect finished product.

The K100Pro has a large capacity design that can accommodate up to dozens of pastries or whole chickens and ducks to meet the needs of large-scale baking events. At the same time, its commercial-grade materials and craftsmanship ensure durability and stability, making your investment worthwhile.

Its built-in smart control panel is simple and intuitive to operate, and both novices and baking experts can easily control it. A variety of preset modes and temperature settings can be flexibly adjusted according to different ingredients and needs.

In addition, the energy-saving performance of K100Pro is also a highlight. The advanced thermal efficiency design makes its power consumption much lower than similar products, greatly reducing operating costs.

The Magic Piper Private Hot Air Oven Commercial Large Capacity Electric Oven K100Pro is your best partner in baking. A trustworthy oven that makes your baking dream come true!





Additional information








Guangzhou City


The Pied Piper


Chinese mainland

warranty period

36 months

heating method



Guangdong Province

control method

Microcomputer based

Inner liner material

Stainless steel

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


Zhuhai Magic Flute Player Technology Co., Ltd

number of discs

4 discs

sort by color

K100 Pro, k120pro

18 reviews for Magic Flute Player Commercial Electric Oven Hot Air Stove

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Installed but not yet used, share when used

  3. Anonymous

    Still testing the temperature, adding more later

  4. Anonymous

    The oven paired with a new style hair dryer is perfect

  5. Anonymous

    Very good! Very good value! Very textured! Very big! Great!

  6. Anonymous

    It’s quite heavy, very textured, and the logistics also include delivering it upstairs!!!

  7. Anonymous

    The price-performance ratio is very high, it’s great, whether you can make a fortune depends on him

  8. Anonymous

    Easy to use. I tried 6 6-inch embryos once. Today, I tested 4 of them, and the temperature was very accurate

  9. Anonymous

    High appearance and good workmanship. The packaging is very tight, just opened and installed, very textured.

  10. Anonymous

    Good appearance, greatly improved efficiency, and the service provided by the Magic Flute driver is quite good

  11. Anonymous

    The quality of the Magic Flute player is excellent~Real materials, customer service is serious and responsible!

  12. Anonymous

    Product workmanship: Fine workmanship. Overall evaluation: My dream emotional machine is invincible in both appearance and performance

  13. Anonymous

    The customer service patiently answered all questions and has already tried it out. It has more space than imagined and can improve production efficiency

  14. Anonymous

    After the stove is really fragrant, the Dim sum baked at room temperature can be shipped in large quantities. The workmanship is very good and has weight

  15. Anonymous

    I tried baking it for a while and was very satisfied. After all, it was a machine that I had been thinking about for a year. Finally, I bought you guys home??

  16. Anonymous

    Thinking of increasing production, I used a wind oven to bake seashells. At first, I was worried that they would be very dry, but after trying them, I realized that this is the seashells. The skin is full of toughness, which is my favorite taste. Just after baking, they are still crispy haha

  17. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: very thick Appearance design: very good looking, I bought a k100, but I didn’t expect it to be so big that it was beyond my imagination and couldn’t be moved into the house, so I had to change it to a k60por, looking forward to changing the socket and turning it on tomorrow

  18. Anonymous

    My overall evaluation of the opening work: atmospheric appearance and performance: better than the open stove because I used it all afternoon without tripping. The open stove would definitely jump. Applicable scale: I put 4 deep trays on the open stove for 1 and a half hours. 10 kilograms of cookies and cookies. The special tray provided was very effective, but I think their special tray is too expensive, 100 yuan per tray.

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