Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Household Multi functional G5/R5 Series Embedded Electric Oven


Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Embedded Electric Steaming and Baking Oven Household Multi functional Microwave Oven G5/R5 Series

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We have multiple cooking modes, such as microwave cooking, steam cooking, baking, etc., to meet your different cooking needs. Overall, the Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine G5/R5 series is a powerful, well-designed, and user-friendly kitchen appliance, making it a powerful assistant for your home kitchen. Whether you are a novice cook or a food enthusiast, it can bring convenience and fun to your kitchen life.

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control method




warranty period

12 months

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Steam barbecue thawing

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

Opening and closing method

Drop-down door

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

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18 reviews for Midea Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Household Multi functional G5/R5 Series Embedded Electric Oven

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Satisfied with installation service

  3. Anonymous

    The product is very exquisite and very large

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful appearance, complete functions, and fast logistics

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad. I haven’t used it yet. I’ll give you a review later.

  6. Anonymous

    The installer is very professional and communicates very well.

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Timely installation and satisfactory service!

  8. Anonymous

    Take photos for friends, still in the process of renovation, believe in the brand!

  9. Anonymous

    The product is very good and looks high-end. Master, patient guidance, worth buying

  10. Anonymous

    It looks pretty good. Hope it is durable. I have been buying Midea brand. The installation master is fine.

  11. Anonymous

    Hot dishes are convenient, easy to operate, multifunctional, and integrate microwave, pure steaming, and baking.

  12. Anonymous

    This embedded oven has a moderate size, sufficient capacity, and satisfactory baking effect. Highly recommended!??

  13. Anonymous

    The attitude of the logistics master is quite good, and the use effect will be evaluated after the decoration is completed

  14. Anonymous

    The master came to the door for free renovation and installed it, and the service attitude was very good, very satisfied! Must be praised!

  15. Anonymous

    Not used yet, it looks good and the size is just right. The delivery speed is quite fast, Midea is a big brand, and there are many Midea appliances at home. I hope the steam oven is also easy to use.

  16. Anonymous

    The product installation is particularly convenient, and the manual is very easy to use. It is very useful for both breakfast and dinner. It is also very convenient to use smart appliances. We recommend everyone to purchase it

  17. Anonymous

    Product quality: Very textured, quick resolution of minor issues during installation. Looking forward to using it after check-in. Delivery on time: The delivery is fast and will arrive the next day. A technician will contact you immediately for installation

  18. Anonymous

    The delivery was fast and arrived ahead of schedule. I measured the size once before and found that the upper edge of the cabinet was not big enough. I asked the cabinet to be reworked and slightly modified before placing the order again. The installation was fast this time and it was completed in more than 10 minutes. The embedded switch is on the outside and the power connection is normal. I haven’t started to move in yet, but I’m giving a good review.

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