New Electric Bicycle Power Assisted Bicycle Pedestrian Ring


Tailing's new Taotao electric car 48V battery car Jiajia electric bicycle scooter pedal moped




This new Tailing Taotao electric vehicle is deeply loved by users for its simple and modern design.The distinguishing features of this electric vehicle are its excellent performance and practicality.Equipped with a high-quality 48V battery, the vehicle’s endurance is significantly improved.Its Jiajia electric bicycle version is also equipped with a comfortable and safe pedal assist system, so there is no need to worry about the fatigue of long-distance riding.This electric vehicle is made of lightweight materials, allowing the vehicle to maintain strong power while also having excellent driving stability and comfort.Its scooter version provides convenience for urban travel, whether commuting to work or traveling for leisure on weekends.

As a leading brand in the electric vehicle industry, Tailing has been committed to providing consumers with high-quality, high-performance electric vehicle products.With its excellent performance and design, the new Taotao electric vehicle will undoubtedly bring users a more convenient and comfortable travel experience.



Additional information







Is it foldable


Rim size

14 inches

Vehicle quality


Body weight

Above 50KG


Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Item number

electric car

top speed

25km/h and below

Battery Type

Lead-acid batteries

Frame material

High-carbon steel

Battery warranty period

one year

Is it the same model in the mall


Applicable scenarios

Daily commuting

Braking method

Front and rear hub type

Is it a smart car

Non intelligent vehicles

Load capacity

100kg (inclusive) -150kg (exclusive)

Pure electric range

35km (inclusive) -45km (exclusive)

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and one hundred and fifty-one billion one hundred and nineteen million forty-five thousand three hundred and one



battery capacity


sort by color

Plain green, Yan Caishen Brown, Strolling White

20 reviews for New Electric Bicycle Power Assisted Bicycle Pedestrian Ring

  1. Anonymous

    Riding feels good, just right for commuting

  2. Anonymous

    Product quality: Good battery life: Good shock absorption effect: I really like it

  3. Anonymous

    The car has received the goods and is very satisfied. It is light and easy to install

  4. Anonymous

    Easy to install: compact and exquisite, with good shock absorption effect. Product quality: large brand, reliable quality. Battery life: to be tested

  5. Anonymous

    The car is very good and beautiful, and installation is also very convenient. It is simple and easy to use, with great shock absorption and comfortable seats

  6. Anonymous

    The packaging of electric vehicles is very strict, easy to install, and the white color is simple, atmospheric, and beautiful. We recommend everyone to purchase it

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to install: There is an installation video, which is very easy to install. You can install it yourself. If your family buys a good one, why not try another one??

  8. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The shock absorption is good. Battery life: The battery life is really long. Easy to install: The installation is also relatively simple. Product quality: Excellent quality

  9. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: very good, the seat cushion is very soft, battery life: I have run a few times, and it feels good. Easy to install: it took some time, but it can be operated. Product quality: good

  10. Anonymous

    I looked at this color scheme in the store for a long time, so I bought it online. After riding it for a while, it looks good. It’s lightweight and suitable for girls. Delivery goes directly to your doorstep.

  11. Anonymous

    Easy to install: When you come back, you can go directly to the store and have them installed. It’s very fast, and it’s not difficult to install it yourself! It’s very compact, and it’s easier for the elderly to push it out! It’s also fine for looking at a helmet, it’s not just a casual thing!

  12. Anonymous

    I received the car and followed the video. It was very easy to assemble and there was nothing wrong with the appearance. The seat cushion was comfortable and easy to ride.The only drawback is that the car does not have rearview mirrors.The merchant sent an installation video to teach you step by step.

  13. Anonymous

    The installation is quite convenient. After riding for a few days, it feels good and suitable for commuting. The battery life is also good, and the color is nice. It is very convenient and easy to use for commuting when going out. If you have any questions, please contact customer service and they are very patient in answering them.

  14. Anonymous

    Product quality: It looks very good, at least the appearance is worth the price.Battery life: Not yet running. Easy to install: Very simple, but the sound of the video sent is too low.It looked laborious, and a few screws were missing, but the customer service was very good and reimbursed the installation fee. The logistics was fast.

  15. Anonymous

    The noble passion fruit supports Wang Yibo! With this color scheme, it is the most popular when traveling. Battery life: The battery is very durable and is fully charged when it lands. It is no problem to charge it once a week?? Easy installation: The installation is very simple. If you don’t understand, you can contact customer service Sister takes the tutorial.

  16. Anonymous

    Shock absorption effect: The seat cushion is a bit soft, but can be slightly harder. Easy to install: Easy to install, about 10 minutes for two people to complete. Product quality: Acceleration is good, the car will sound an alarm when driving at high speed, and it is safe to choose bright colors. Battery life: It has not been fully charged yet, and after charging, it will take a full run for battery life

  17. Anonymous

    The body of the car is a bit heavy and needs to be installed by oneself. I found a professional to install it, which took about an hour. However, the overall feeling is very good. The color is my favorite green, the seat cushion is very soft, and the battery life is unknown. I have only driven it two or three times, and the speed is good. If the battery is full, it can climb hills, and the shock absorption effect is also good

  18. Anonymous

    Battery life: I have ridden it twice and the battery has not decreased at all. Installation is convenient. I received it and asked my colleague to help me install it. Only the small parts such as the pedals need to be turned on quickly. Product quality: The handle is very flexible, the color is very pleasing, and the price is also cheap. It is suitable for commuting for more than ten minutes. I hope to maintain the support of passion fruit in the future. Spokesperson Wang Yibo??????, I also hope the brand will sell well

  19. Anonymous

    The installation still requires the seller to install the video, otherwise it will not be easy to install.Except for the loud speed limit buzzer, it’s fine after a test ride so far.It’s enough for city riding, and it’s quite compact and convenient.I also bought the rearview mirror and hooks to install separately.What I don’t like right now is that the charger makes a bit of a rustling sound when charging.The most important thing for users is anti-theft. The key only controls the switch and does not have the function of locking the car.The car can still be pushed away without the key.

  20. Anonymous

    Especially good?? Because she is a girl, the force required to install the screws is not strong enough. Please ask the installation technician to reimburse her. During the process, there were many questions and customer service representatives patiently responded one by one! Riding is also very stable, and it is relatively lightweight for girls. The shock absorption is also good, especially recommended! Bai Xiang Guo supports Mr. Wang Yibo and Tai Ling! (The car in the picture has already been ridden by me, otherwise it would have been clean and beautiful when it was delivered, right?)

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